Thursday, September 8, 2011

Change your Thinking, Change your Life

It's been the conversation of the ages; can your thoughts manifest themselves into not only positive but negative problems?  Is there power in words and thoughts that create experiences? Are we aware, that YES, there's a connection between thoughts and the different parts of the body, and our physical problems.  Imagine that.

We read all these articles on, conquering the problem, trimming the fat, the calories, hitting the gym a little more, eating healthier, taking time for YOU, targeting other people as your issue, "Oh it's because of my mom" , but what about the real issue, the root of the actual problem.  What if all things in your life are nothing more then YOUR ISSUE.

What's interesting is that, "both the good in our lives and dis-ease, are results of our mental thought patterns which form our experiences. We all have many thought patterns that produce good, positive experiences, and these we enjoy. It is the negative thought patterns that produce uncomfortable, unrewarding experiences with which we are concerned".  

If this is true, then this will ring REVELATION, and if practiced, could very well change your life in a DRASTIC, DRAMATIC, and INCREDIBLE way.  "For every condition in our lives, there is a NEED FOR IT. Otherwise, we would not have it. The symptom is only the outer effect. We must go within to dissolve the mental cause. Begin the New Thought Pattern Affirmations, work on the WILLINGNESS TO RELEASE THE NEED, when the need is gone, the outer effect must die. No plant can live if the root is cut away."

You have unimaginable power, the power to cure, to heal, to overcome, to overtake, to change, and to manifest just about anything in your life.  Here's your opportunity to use the above, to understand what I'm putting down and apply it.  You will NEVER conquer your issue, WILLPOWER & DISCIPLINE are futile against your ISSUES.  You need to get to the root of the cause, and cut it away.

Remember this, if you cut a plant down, the plant remains, it grows again, however, if you dig it out at the root, every last bit, that plant will NEVER grow again.  How DEEP are your roots?

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