Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Year with 90Days2Life!‏

Welcome to 2011!

I hope that everyone has had fabulous holidays, and have taken advantage of time with family and friends!  From everyone at 90Days2Life I want to ring in this Year with a Bang and continue to work towards total success!

It’s a New Year, New Start, and Time to Kick your Life into gear.  As the holidays are over, there’s no time to make excuses and allow yourself to lay on the back burner, waiting for miracles to happen… In the last couple of months we’ve all learned that this group is your biggest asset.  So, put your strengths to work, use the support available to you, visualize what you want and attain it!

Who is the dominant voice in your life? 
From whom are you taking instructions? 
Are you using the materials and advice being given to you? 
Or are you continually allowing your mind to overpower your will?  

Remember, if you are only listening to yourself, you are limited!  Who you listen to and what you act on, determines what you’ll accomplish in life.  You do not just succeed because you have brains and beauty!  You succeed because of what lives in your heart and mind, so think positive thoughts, and apply that all the great learning you receive!  Information and education are keys to success, so make sure to tap into all elements around you!  Get informed!

Something to really reflect on this week is that, “A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral.”  I truly believe that if you can DREAM it, you can DO it; life begins with a thought....
Here’s a few things to reflect on when you’re setting goals/Dreaming BIG:

1. Identify the Goal. When identifying the goal ask yourself these two questions: What is missing for me? And what do I need or want? Be honest with yourself. These aren’t goals for anyone else but you. Decide what is right for you.

2. Relate This Goal To a Value. Research shows that when someone is moving towards something (a goal) and it does not resonate with a value then the goal is never attained. Worse yet, if a person doesn’t attach a value to it and the goal is reached, it’s an illusion.

3. Tell 5 People About Your Goal. Why? Everyone needs a support team for encouragement … and more importantly, to hold you accountable.  Remember, the group is here as your support, your guide, and best of all we’re all in it together!

4. Know What Resources Are Needed. What is it that’s needed to make the goal happen? Not what is ‘available’ to make the goal happen. Don’t get stuck in thinking that the only resources you have are the ones you know of.

5. Commit To a Single Daily Action. What will you do everyday toward your goal? This keeps your goal in focus. Break your goal down into achievable parts.

6. Decide On Your Reward. This is a step you earn and rightly so. Celebrate ALL successes no matter how small. Each step you successfully master is equally deserving of celebration. Acknowledge and affirm all you progress. Tell your support team. Tell the world.

7. Know What Is Next. How does your goal fit into your big picture? Was it a supporting cast member for the next goal? How is it building on what is greater? What will it mean to your future? These are essential questions to answer. They cause you to pause and understand at a deeper level the relevance of your goal.

That's it for now!  Be sure to check-out our Events and updates through our Facebook Group at "90 Days to Life Challenge", or ask to be added via BBM to our Mobile Group!


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