Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mental Health - Do You Know your Facts?

Do you feel unfulfilled in your day-to-day life? Do you feel anxious or fearful much of the time? Do you avoid situations that make you anxious? Do you worry that you are going to panic, or go crazy? Do you feel sad, depressed or down most of the time? Do you feel tired and/or lack energy most of the time? Do you have trouble sleeping or do you sleep too much? Do you find it difficult to concentrate or make decisions? Do you have feelings of worthlessness or guilt? Have you felt frightened or panicky for no apparent reason at all? Have you been feeling anxious or worried most of the time? Do you feel that you are stuck in your life situation and don't know a way out?

Do you know that most of us suffer from many of the above problems, yet choose to ignore them....

Often times the mind wanders this world untrained and suffering from many debilitating disorders that we may class under excuses, or work-life-balance issues.  It is the mind which creates the vessel and it is the mind which allows consciousness to fulfill the role of consciouness in our life's process to become the cause of the experiences you wish to have. Each individual defines itself by the experiences it has and creates an identity that acts like a container or vessel to hold the experiences and reality that the consciousness has. This vessel acts as both a safe and secure space yet what we don't seem to see that many times it goes uncared for and unourished.  It acts like a cage of our own making and limits our ability to follow-through on decisions or keep to our goals. 

Are you still with me? 

See the thing is, we can concentrate on the body all we want, we can exercise and eat healthy to our hearts content, but if our mind is a transient for negative thought, or already filled with doubts, anguish, or emptyness, what good does this do to us as a whole? Everything that happens in your life, and everything that happens in your body, begins with something happening in your consciousness. Your consciousness is who you are, your experience of Being.  You decide what ideas to accept and which to reject. You decide what to think, and you decide what to feel. When these decisions leave you with residual stress, you experience the stress as if in your physical body.

This is why it's so important to plug in, and to take on change... Support groups such as 90Days2Life provide an interactive learning experience in a safe, friendly, caring environment. Our group meetings are interactive, inspiring, educative, and fun. The group offers a social network of people who in turn all suffer from their own mind & body problems, yet we are all in support of each other...  I truly believe this is key to what you need to achieve in life, and how you will obtain the change you wish to see...


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