Thursday, December 16, 2010

I Wish I Were Really Part of the Challenge

It's hard being pregnant while you guys are doing this and not being able to put my whole self into it.  I know I haven't come to a meeting yet sometimes because it's the only evening I might have to spend with hubby that week (he works evenings) and also because I can't be weighed and measured and such.  There's no point when I'm going the other way, lol.

I do think that what you're all doing is amazing though and hope to have some similar support next summer when I need to lose all the extra weight and fit back into my old clothes I haven't worn since April 2009.  I miss those clothes!  If you do anything else outside of the weekly meeting as a group (breakfast, family outing....) I hope to make something like that depending on my work schedule though.  I work a rotating schedule so don't have set days off.

I'm waiting for my foot to heal so I can do workouts with a little more intensity..........or even walk pain-free actually.  When I fell the other day I didn't break anything thankfully but the whole top of my foot is still swollen and black and blue.  That and I'm still waiting for that energy you're supposed to get back in the second trimester.  I'm there but still waiting.........

I lost 44 pounds on weight watchers 9 years ago and kept most of it off until getting pregnant so I know it can be done!  Just maybe a little harder with what pregnancy can do to the body.......but SO worth it!


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