Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Inspire Yourself to Exercise...

At times it's hard for you to even think of hitting the gym, let alone hitting the pavement for a good run.. I know that personally, fitting fitness into my day is so important but I sometimes battle with having to move my butt out the door. Then there's the weather, how can you even get motivated to get outdoors when there's episodes of snow, hail, and rain showers falling from the sky at a constant rate!  Then there's time, where's the time to do it? Or to find your way around managing a fitness routine and a busy household and blossoming career?

With 90Days2Life you'll find that the Vision is really all about Inspiring you to make Healthier choices which will then lead you to living a Healthier and Happier life! These tips may just be the motivation you need into taking that first step towards a much needed lifestyle change and conquering those pesky "I Can't do it today," excuses.

1. Exercise is normal: Our bodies are meant to move, and they like it when we do. Back in the day we had to farm our own food, hunt our own meat, and create the world we wished to live in.  People weren't all obese and decrepit at an early age, in actuality it was the Nobleman that usually sat on his butt that died a long painful death while his servants survived him!

2. Exercise means healthier choices:
 If you engage your brain and forget about rewarding your efforts with food, you’ll find that exercise can improve your “ingestive behaviour” so that you are better able to make good food choices and not over-eat. Well isn't that fascinating?!  I also find that the more I hit the gym, the more I worry about destroying all the effort I just put into looking and feeling so damn good!

3. It feels so good when you've accomplished it:
I love positive reinforcement when it comes to exercise, and I know that it's good for me.  What sucks is when I have to do it, even when I don't want to... The great thing is when I’m home taking that Hot bath, it all makes sense, and feels so good to have done it!

With the above being said and laid out there for you to view, it's my honest hope that you'll really asses your current situation.  Are you constantly trying to find a way out of being active because you're just too lazy?  Do you have no motivation or willpower?  Does it just take too much effort?... You don't have to feel this way, neither do you have to go about it alone.  This group is not only a tool to motivate you, but will give you the accountability you require to succeed, so PLUG IN!

What could be better then getting your heart rate up, feeling that sweat, and energizing your body in the way that it should be?  Do you stand to lose anything by inspiring yourself to move?  To shake that tush and get in the groove?  No!  By keeping active and making exercise a vital part of your life you are guaranteed to live a longer, happier, more fulfilling and successful life - I guarantee it!


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