Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fashion is also Healthy

It's said that a woman that is both healthy in mind & body tends to also look the part.

Do you?

How often do you usually get up in the morning and do your hair + makeup?  Or put on that pretty dress you just bought?  Do you take the time to make sure that when you leave the house, you aren't looking like a rumpled pile of sheets?  Do you ever think of what impact your dilapidated state might have on your mood for the rest of your day?

Women strive to take care of everyone else but themselves.  Whats even strange about this is that most of us know we feel great when we do our hair, makeup and put on our best, however seventy-six percent of us beautiful ladies set the goal of making it happen, yet only forty-two percent of us actually do!  

This season, make it a priority of yours to get in touch with your inner style.  Learn to channel your diva, and to love the body you are in!  Get up!  Do you hair!  Try on those Pumps!  Feel beautiful, sexy, and gloriously able!

Checkout STYLE REFRESH for Falls 2011 go to trends, and remember to take care of YOU!


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