Thursday, December 2, 2010

The First 90 Days

It’s amazing to see an idea come to fruition; to see so many woman bound together in order to reach a goal; to realize new friendships, and cultivate solid relationshipsl; to experience new found strength in mind, body, and spirit.

The reason for the name being that it’s based off the P90X series, and is part of a lifestyle change, not a Yo-Yo diet series. I have to admit, I am no fitness trainer, nor have I any Certification, but having grown up in a family of Nutritionists, Naturopaths, and Studious Vegetarians, I’ve watched -listened- learned … when it comes to Health & Wellness.

I’ve taken the fundamentals of healthy & satisfying Nutrition, the basics of the P90X Exercises (along with the formation of a running group, yoga, and zumba), and paired them into an amazing support group based around the idea of; “You can do anything if you set your mind to it, just commit”. In the last month, the group have lost an estimated 100lbs as a whole, and I am so excited to see where this all leads us.

One of the biggest challenges we all face is lack of accountability, lack of committment and follow-through, and a lack of feminine support in our day-day lives. We are either mothers, or busy ladies with careers and Univeristy education committments.  With simple diet changes, and regular exercise, we have no only increased our energy, are enjoying better sleep, but have felt improvement in all aspects of our lives.

As part of the support process, I blog everyday on our facebook page with encouragements, tips and tricks, as well as common sense sayings that keep them pumped and ready to take on or tackle.

Some of the concepts we are using are:

1. Enjoy Who your are
2. Believe that your uniqueness is important
3. Do not be afraid of change
4. Love and be loved
5. Enjoy your Food, and lastly
6. Stay Active!

These principles have really defined the way we shape our day-day, and with every Wednesday meeting we hold, we grow closer as a team, and stronger in mind, body and spirit.


Tammy said...

So we got two of these so I am not sure which one or if it is the same for both??

But we had a great meeting tonight and Yannick was fantastic, the working out as a group was so much better then doing it by my self. I think that we should dedicate at least a half hour to an intense work out at our weekly meeting.

Anonymous said...

Hi all, We had a great meeting. We chatted a bit about meal plans and what to eat and trying to get past the struggle of healthy eating. i want to suggest for the 29th meeting... because I can't make the one on the 22nd.... that we all do a few meal plan ideas to share. if it be Recipe's or just share what we eat for breakfast lunch and dinner for a couple days to get a few ideas and variety. I know for me it's hard. I am loving the wraps i do but they also get repetative.
We had yanick here which was AWESOME!!!!! I 2nd tammy's comment. We MUST MUST MUST get this into our schedule. 30 minutes every meeting. She is a personal trainer works for Fit 4 Two, does Yoga, bootcamp etc. She is coming next week to the cookie exchange and has said she will do a 30 Min core excersize next week. It's based around the Tummy's 4 mommies clas... which I did after i had taylor... and i loved!!! it! She talked a bit about personal training classes and that you can buy them in 3, 5 or 10 sessions. If we did this as a group it would be an increased savings. Something to talk about.
So we did a warm up outside in the rain, went for a FAST!!! walk, and then did many training with the bands she brought. It was great. Felt the burn, it was 30 minutes of great cardio and we would walk hard between sets up the 60th Ave hill by my house. It is amazing how much easier it is when working in a group!!! We really need to utilize this more!!
I really loved having those that could make it last night and I am more than happy to host here anytime! Still your meeting Jess but i am sure you would love to get out of your house too! I think that it helps with the whole process of it for me. A breather from my day to day life and you need that too! :-)
Blog~ Thanks for setting this up I think it's fabulous. I am still trying to get myself fabiliar with it. I don't see my name on the list under Contributers on the right??? What does that mean? I kind of stumbled across this page, it was the blue page i got the invite to so maybe someone needs to resend me an invite???
Is this page public or private?

Walking track at LEC. As mornings are a great time for me to workout, I am going to find out the game schedule and start walking mornings twice a week and hopefully figure out a schedule with the bands....around 10am on Mondays and fridays.
10 Minute Trainer Video~ So I am going to give these to Sarah when I see her next for her hubby to make some copies. he has been really swamped at work so depending when he has the chance we will try get this done. I have given tammy all the papers and she is going to get them copied for us. this includes meal ideas, workout tips, a workout schedule, and a few other things. We can give these out the next meeting.

So in Summary
1.-Meal ideas
2.-Group workouts
4.-Weekly Walking group
5.- 10 minute trainer

Here is wishing you all a successful week and lets try plan to get together for some excercise!!!


"When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life."
~ Jean Shinoda Bolen
Psychiatrist and author

Yanick MacDougall said...

Hi All!

Tammy and Fiona, thanks so much for the great feedback; I had fun last night and I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the work-out. It just goes to show that you can make even going for a walk a great work-out!

I also wanted to touch base on a few of the nutrition items we discussed;

1. Weekly meal planning- each Sunday sit with your recipe books and find dinner ideas for the next week. Write down any items you will need for your meals and then hit the store once. You'll save time and money!

2. Add variety by mixing up the ethnicity of your dinners! Wraps can be used in fajitas, black bean burritos, chicken enchalidas, greek chicken wraps and more! Just limit the amounts of cheese and add lots of veggies.

3. You don't have to forget your old favorites! Moderation is key in food and life. Love scalloped potatoes? Then have 'em; just watch how much cheese and sauce you're making it with and pair it with grilled chicken rather than fried.

Like Jessica has said, don't diet, it won't work. Learn how to make healthy changes that you can stick with. For me, life wouldn't be worth living with-out scalloped potatoes; so have your potatoe and eat it too!

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