Monday, January 10, 2011

Does Anyone Have Time?

In 2011, our goals are to be so organized and emotionally balanced that daily life feels like one big yoga class: Full of deep, calm breaths. Last year, we spent too long being so busy that we couldn't keep up...............

This year, Zen. Here's how.

Death To Post-It Notes And Lists.

Put each of your work and personal tasks on your calendar, no matter how small. Appraise your time honestly—taking your blouse to the dry cleaner may seem like a five-minute errand, but is it, really? People tend to ditch their schedules in frustration after they fall behind on more than a task or two, so err on the side of overestimating. There's lots of stuff you'd like to do, but ask yourself if your energy is going to give out between creating a costume for your son's school play, editing your upcoming job end report, and making a bit pot roast. Be totally, no-holds-barred honest with yourself.

Rules Of Thumb for Crafting a Successful and Stress-Free Calendar:
  • Estimate how long each task will take and then add at least fifteen minutes to that number.
  • Schedule a short break for yourself every hour and a half, no matter what you're doing.
  • Build in 30 minutes to go over your calendar at the beginning of each month. At the beginning of each week, spend 15 minutes reviewing it. Spend no more than five minutes on your calendar each day.
  • One month ahead is as far out as you need to think. If you're big into planning ahead, it's okay to chart out the whole year (when you'll buy gifts for friends' summer weddings, when to choose Thanksgiving plane tickets, etc.). Otherwise, don't sweat it.
I know this sounds nuts, as many of us are parents, busy career buffs or stressed out students, but it is possible to keep yourself on track!  Many-a-times we just get soo carried away with wanting to achieve everything, that we don't quite achieve anything. 

Think of this, quite often we are faced with people who were praised and admired for their talents and their achievements… According to prevailing attitudes, these people--the pride and joy of society--should have had a strong and stable sense of self-assurance. But the case is exactly the opposite... Whenever they suddenly get the feeling they have failed to live up to some ideal image or have not measured up to some standard, then they are plagued by anxiety or deep feelings of guilt and shame. Don't be one of these people!!!

Start now, and start right; create the "stable" life you'd like for yourself and stop overachieving, or over-booking yourself, YOU CANNOT CONQUER the world on your own... So as with everyday, handle what you can today, and let the rest worry about itself tomorrow.


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