Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Surfs Up! Anyone wanna Catch the Stoke?

Summer’s around the corner and the Ladies here at 90Days2Life are gearing up for a real adventure.  We’ve also got Yanick onboard with her Team at ShapeFitness, so this is sure to be one sweet ride!  So what are we doing? 

Well, as part of our need to master new kills, broaden our horizons, and challenge our fitness levels, we’ve decided to go Surfing!  Yup, that’s right!  We’re getting ready to catch our first Stoke, and Surf Sisters of Tofino have lined us up with one kick-ass deal!  I for one am so excited, as this will be the third time I’ve had an opportunity to ride, and cannot wait for the other ladies to get on some boards and ride.

A few amazing Health Facts about Surfing:

-          Paddling increases aerobic and cardio fitness.
-          Paddling also builds strength and muscle in the upper back and arms.

-          Springing to your feet and holding your line on the board strengthens the legs (thighs and calves) and lower back.

-          Turning and twisting your surfboard to catch waves stretches and strengthens the back.

-          Catching and riding a wave greatly improves balance and gross motor skills and builds long lean muscle that helps resist future injury.

-          Lastly, surfing brings together the mind and body and nature. Saltwater cleans the sinuses; sunshine helps the body create vitamin D, and riding a wave makes you feel gooooood. Surfing is without a doubt a healthy habit.

You know, as someone who has only been a couple times, and enjoys snowboarding in the winters, I can totally attest to the above.  The appeal is more than simply the “cool” factor. Surfing can be empowering, a killer workout and a welcome chance to leave your concerns behind. You’re not thinking about bills or meetings or anything other than your wave.  It’s especially great for the spirit, you have to be forgiving, patient with yourself, and willing to let go. And again, the fitness benefits of taking up surfing are super. It helps develop upper and lower body strength, flexibility and balance, and constant paddling provides a great cardio workout; just what we’re looking for right?!

If anyone is interested in joining us on this new expedition, please get in touch through our Contact Us Page. 
We will update you on accommodations and the package information with Surf Sisters. 

Be sure to also checkout their website at:  http://surfsister.com/


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