Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Mind & The Body

It's amazing how often times we visit the doctor, and he/she is just not quite sure what's wrong with us.  We complain of pain, or illness, however there seems to be no cause... nothing to signify that this self-diagnoses is actually true.  Many times I have had to take a step back and self-asses my current state of mind and realize that my mind needs to be controlled, for it has a most powerful influence upon my health. The imagination often misleads, and when indulged, brings severe forms of disease upon the body. Many people die of diseases which are mostly imaginary, and it is their very mindset that causes their illness.

Thousands are sick and dying around us who might get well and live if they would, but their imagination holds them. They fear that they will be made worse if they labor or exercise, when this is just the change they need to make them well. Without this they never can improve. They should exercise the power of the will, rise above their aches and debility, engage in useful activities, and forget that they have aching backs, sides, lungs, and heads. Neglecting to exercise the entire body, or a portion of it, will bring on morbid conditions.

How important it is to remember to live our lives with purpose even if never perfect, and to always keep a positive light on our surroundings.  Those who live for a purpose, seeking to benefit and help their friends and family, are truly happiest of people in life.  Those people that can always find fault with someone, something, somewhere, the one who is restless, discontented, and seeking this and testing that, hoping to find happiness, is always complaining of disappointment.  They will always be in want, never satisfied, because they live for themselves alone. 

I hope today you will remember how vital it is to be in continuous harmony with yourself, to be the positive light you wish to see in the world.  Don't think that you need to strive for perfection, harmony or balance at all times.. but accept the fact that you are alive and well.. .. Believe that you are healthy, strong, beautiful, and capable of anything... Let it be your aim to do good, to act your part in life faithfully; I promise that all else will be given to you in wonderful ways!... Just keep believing it!

From the Article I read Yesterday:
Strive for Imbalance

When someone tells you to try to have greater balance in your life, your immediate and appropriate reaction is a spasm of disbelief. "Balance?" you ask yourself. "How does that work? For every extra hour at work find another hour at home? For every extra kid at home, reduce my workload by exactly the amount my new child requires? For every school play I should attend, cut out a presentation on the road? For everything I say yes to, say no to something else? Is that it?"

Not according to the people we interviewed. They didn't talk about balance much at all. They seemed to realize that not only was a perfect equilibrium nigh on impossible to achieve, but also that even if they did manage to achieve it, it wouldn't necessarily fulfill them anyway—when you are balanced, you are stationary, holding your breath, trying not to let any sudden twitch or jerk pull you too far one way or the other. You are at a standstill. Balance is the wrong life goal.

Instead, do as these women did and strive for imbalance. Pinpoint the strong-moments in each aspect of your life and then gradually target or tilt your life toward them. This means being as deliberate as you can about making them happen. It means investigating them when they do happen, looking at them from new perspectives, and celebrating them. Above all, it means giving them the power of your attention.


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