Thursday, December 9, 2010

Life's Funny Sometimes

Have you ever felt like sometimes in life, you just can’t seem to get anything right?  Your frustrations just keep piling up and before you know it you’re a rumbling mess?  You tend to at times harbor resentment or just annoyance for your significant other, as you feel let down and un-appreciated?  You fight or scream about the littlelest things although in reality, you should be calm and collected?  I don't know if I'm the only one going through this but...

I guess that’s what basically explains my weekend, and although I don’t want to go into great detail, it’s just been a real wet mess these past few days.   I feel like I can only be so strong and keep hoping that my knight in shining armor will come and help me through the rest.  It’s not always like this, and sometimes as woman we seem to believe that regardless of the obvious, our men are those knights, even though they are as good as they’re going to get, and we just have to accept that.

Well I can’t – I believe that in each of us is an ability to change, to be forward thinking, to be loving, kind, honest, and forgiving.  I think that sometimes we let our significant others get away with a lot more than they should, and we allow it to reach a point where our relationships are complacent, and void of the things we truly wish for.  It's not that we have been taken advantage of, we're just allowed it to get that way, because we're so busy with the rest of our lives...

In this challenge, I not only want you to self-focus, but focus on the things you want out of your life.  Set your goals, dreams, ambitions, and strive for them.  Include your partner in these discussions, and ask for feedback and ideas.  Don’t feel that you need to hide your aspirations, and be firm about those things that mean the most to you.  I think a lot of the times we don’t want to give ourselves a voice because we just don’t need the let down, but a lot of the times it’s our partners that don’t feel included.  As mom’s we lead such busy lives, and take the reins to everything, that we forget that there’s an able body waiting to be used; so they just fade into the background and sometimes they themselves become resentful.  Deep down inside, our men want to be wanted just as much as we need them to want us, to need us, to love us and share their lives with us….. I forget that sometimes….

Yes, things get rough sometimes, we cry and sob, we end up with a complete distaste for our lives, or the situations we’re in, but remember, we live by choice.  Nothing that happens in our lives is simply chance, or happens just because – there’s a reason for everything.  Let your reason for life be one of commitment not of complacency, of love not of hatred, of learning not of making excuses, of sharing not selfishness… and teach your families to do the same; you are their example, you bear that responsibility….   And as much as you hate it… You are MOM… (Ps. To you lovely single ladies, the same applies in your day – day lives even if you don’t have kids and aren’t married)..
Anyways, this is just in part a reflection of some of the things I’ve felt over the last few days and in talking to a few people, coming to my own conclusions and such… I can’t stress enough on the fact that I’ve made amazing friends out of you all.  You’ve been a support to me, even in unspoken words or gestures, and I just want to thank you for your extraordinary commitment and follow-through in making this group a success.  You are each such lovely ladies, and you all deserve the best… whether it’s of yourself or of others.. so never set the bar low!  … Set it high so that you may work to reach your goals and live the life you’ve always wanted…


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