Thursday, February 17, 2011

Married, In a Relationship, Possibly dating? This one's for you.

... You'd never think to put Health & Wellness into the mix when it comes to relationships, but what little we understand in that it is essential to our relationships...  They say that men and women alike do not care much about anything once their with someone..  They become self-focused on stresses, money, priorities... and "Other" responsibilities..

What many of us don't understand is that while having all these others priorities line up at our door, what's missing in that list of priorities is spending time with ourselves & our partner in order to keep adding to the stability and growth of our relationship.

Trying to medicate any failing relationship is difficult especially as Couples forget themselves, forget about going out together, forget about spending time in physical activities together, and many soon discovers that they are slowly losing each other to "the world" around them.

However, let's look at the bright side, although dull and negative the above may seem.. there's actually a few cures that work!  The following tips could help you improve your relationship with your partner:

Look at the pounds you've possibly gained since being a relationship.
Engage yourself in physical activity together in order to shed those extra pounds or just to tone up; he'll love you for it and he'll even experience some added bonuses to his libido as he gets active with you.  Your partner loves your curves and every muscle, but trust me, when you "Chase that SEXY", he's going to be all over you in such a way; you'd never have expected it. Remember to try to be the person you want to be, and your partner will notice the difference, trust me!

Spend some time with your hair, body, and skin care.
You work hard, you're taking care of business, yet you let your skin and your hair look dull and dry. Look as attractive as you can be, even if you're exhausted. These little things are important because it let's your partner know you care about yourself, and in turn that you also care about him too. Your husband at this point will willingly stop watching that television you so hate, and pay attention to you.

Take a cooking class together.

They say that couples who cook together, stay together.. that and well there's so many other things.. but with a man.. food is the ultimate way to his heart.  Maybe it is high time you spend a little cash, and start learning to cook some amazing healthy dishes, but incorporate him in the mix.  We forget that guys like being involved, we just need to invite them into our little world.. so get out there, and sign up for your next Gourmet Cooking Class!

Book a Boudoir Photo Shoot

This is such an ultimate self-esteem boosting thing to do!  It's an awesome gift to your significant other, but what's really great about it is you get to be the super model for a few hours!  That camera has only eyes for you, and you can let as loose in any way you want, knowing that your spouse is going to probably forget all about Cosmo and Wonder where that lovely little sex pot came from???.. Can you feel that power coursing through you already?

Don't sweat the small stuff.

I know that as women we have a tendency to over think things, we allow our own strange ideas to overcome us, and many times plague our relationships with negativity.  Learn to be a virtuous woman.  Know that you are priceless, and that you are the key to inspiring absolute confidence in your man.  A man needs to safely trust in his partner, as you are his confidante, his rock, his shield - and worth more than any ruby to him.  Remember this the next time to try to nick pick at him over something insignificant and trivial..

But listen, these are just ideas.. there are so many more.  Ideas that can engage every aspect of your relationship together, and as someone who's been married for a very short time - I'm learning the importance of balancing my "priorities".  You can experience your marriage in so much more of a heightened and euphoric state..  but like I say and with what I've learnt, success isn't hard, it's just work.  Take some time to put a little work into possibly the most important relationship in your life and you will notice the difference - I promise!


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