Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sometimes We Doubt Ourselves

When you start exercising, there may come a time when you start to doubt yourself. Maybe it's because you're not getting the results or maybe you just haven't found your exercise groove yet. Or, maybe it's because it's February and your New Year's resolutions are starting to lose their lustre under the pressure of a long, dark winter.
This is the moment when many exercisers give up, feeling like a failure, but it's what you say to yourself at this critical moment that can actually lead you to success.
You know what I'm talking about: A pep talk. Pep talks are, by definition, peppy and you may feel about as peppy as a wet mop. You may even think that talking to yourself is weird and, if that's the case, you can always put your cell phone to your ear and pretend you're talking to someone. Either way, reminding yourself of a few important facts may be just what you need to keep going.
And for those of you who regularly lick this motivation thing, I'd love to hear how you keep going. Be sure to leave a comment or, even better, post your tips at the end of this post for everyone to enjoy.


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