Tuesday, June 7, 2011

90Days2Life Summer Meetings & Events

This Summer is Gearing up to be a Roaring Good Time with 90Days2Life, are you ready to get Active?  
We are so excited to present the following list of amazing activities & meetings we have planned for the following weeks.

We’d also like to say that even if an activity looks intimidating, isn't quite your thing, or if you feel as if you don't have the means to make it out, STOP thinking that way.  Remember, you create the environment which you choose to live in!

90Days2Life is meant for participation, for self-growth, for finding your balance, and experiencing new things.  The concept of integrating various activities in all areas of Health & Wellness not only allows you to build upon your existing repertoire, but it will help you to achieve your Health & Wellness Goals.  Don't ever set limitations on what you can / or cannot do, and if it really comes down to your having a reservation about something, let me know, We'll find a way to make it work!

Chatelaine recently said: "One of the best ways to also maintain our romantic relationships is spending time with other women as it helps us to relax and provide empathy, energy and support to others in our life. It also gives us the distance needed in order to remember all the things we love about ourselves as a woman, without the label of mother, girlfriend or wife."  - This statement is so very true!  Think about it, how many relationships end in divorce or discord?  Friends & Personal Activity are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to your own Relationship HEALTH.

·Tomorrow Night: Tracy Gibbons Fitness Freaks @ 7PM
·June 15th: TBA (This event will be updated as soon as possible)
·June 22nd: Fashion Forward with Jacalyn Low @ 7:30PM
·June 29th: Empowering your Inner Diva with Cindy Weber @ 6:30PM

 ·July 10th: Tournament at Sunrise Golf @ 10:30AM (Couples Event)
·July 13th: The "Poop Talk" - Colon Hydrotherapy with Lisa Savard @7:30PM
·July 14th: Hypnotherapy - Past Life Regression @ 7:30PM | Location TBD
·July 20th: The Grouse Grind @ 6:00PM or Horseback Riding | Location TBD 
·July 27th: Meditation in the Park - Yoga @ 7:30PM | Fort Langley

·August 3rd: Obstacle Course - Pre|Warrior Dash Warm Up @7:00PM |(Couples)
·August 5th-7th: Warrior Dash & Family Camping Weekend - Whistler @4:00PM | (Couples Event)
·August 10th: Swimming 101 - Pre|Surf Warm Up @7:00PM | Location TBD 
·August 12th-14th: Summer Surf Camp - Tofino @ 10:30AM | Whalers on the Point

There will also be a Stand Up Paddle Boarding Event in July this will be updated!

As this group is run on Member Participation it is my goal to help subsidize any costs associated to the above activities. Thankfully most of them are FREE; however, we try and round-down the amounts to make it possible for anyone to participate!  If at any time you would like to support the group in some way, or know of an Organization that would like to Support our Vision in bringing Health & Wellness to the Forefront, Donations are ACCEPTED!


Ps. 90Days2Life will be launching a Community Health & Fitness Challenge in the next little while.  
The purpose will be to help individuals achieve Weight Loss & Personal Goals; realistically anything that sets limitations on their ability to be a success!  

The Challenge will be open to anyone wishing to participate in it, however, it will require a letter describing the reason why they are entering the Challenge, and a Photo of themselves. There will be a submission deadline with only 20 final candidates selected to compete for the Grand Prize.  Candidates upon selection will fill out the registration form along with a $40 entrance fee, and will receive a Goody Bag with some wonderful gift items.  

Each week Challengers will be given a Certain Task or Activity that they will have to perform, along with personal coaching, fitness sessions, nutritional, and will log it via Video Upload or onto the Facebook Page.  After 90Days the Winner will be decided through the number of Task/Activity Completions, Facebook Likes, and accumulated Weight loss.

  The Grand Prize package will be a culmination of a Make-Over, Health & Wellness Services, and Fitness Related prizes.  

If you have any questions or concerns please let me know!  I also invite you to pass along the information to any friends or family that you would like to see participate, as if you want to get Healthy, Loose a little weight or grow your knowledge this summer, THIS IS THE PLACE TO DO IT!


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