Thursday, June 9, 2011

90Days2Life - TeamWork

Being part of 90Days2Life has allowed me many-an-epiphany.  Maybe the following will be your own.

I got up this morning rearing to go, ready to tackle this Golf Tournament I've been organizing for the Large Construction Project I am working on. (No, I'm not tooting my horn here, I'm using the following as an analogy).... We're not talking a few mere people that simply work on the Project.  No, about 200 of them, Subcontractors, Suppliers, City Officials, and Government Owners of the Project.  That also includes organizing all design details, Swag, Silent Auction items, Volunteers, Budget, Agenda's.. you name it..... Yes, that's meant a lot of sleepless nights, dreaming about what I need to do next, but my problem is that I wanted to do it RIGHT, and that meant I was doing everything on my own.
Up until about 4 days ago....................and 
I then simply realized that, as the old saying goes: 
"It Takes Teamwork To Make The Dream Work."
Yes, it's true.... remember that old saying people used to always rant, “if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself…”? .. Well it just doesn’t work anymore.  It means for a lot of RIGHT your WAY, and not necessarily the ACTUAL WAY.  It doesn't mean that we're necessarily doing something wrong, we just may be taking on way more then we'd bargained for and are now in a state of peril because our idea of perfection is now un-manageable.  This applies to all areas of our lives... 

When you’re focusing on a said goal, such as our coveted topic of Weight Loss, going at it by yourself isn’t always the right method.  It may seem right to you, but seriously, what if the reason why you fail so much, or just aren’t seeing the results is because you’re an ant trying to build an anthill without support!

Have you ever, literally and figuratively, taken on more then you should? Set the bar too high, yet just didn’t achieve your end goal?  Have you ever tried to figure out the answer to something on your own because that’s just your nature?  Have you ever overworked yourself because you didn’t think anyone else could do what you do, yet everything around you kept piling up?

I’m answering yes to all the above, and I’m pretty sure you are too!  Someone sent a quote to me just the other day, “If you do what YOU do best and allow others to help you with the rest, you can easily conquer your mountain. When you look up at your mountain to climb, don’t let it overwhelm you.” 

.. That’s powerful!  Yes, you are CAPABLE, but you’ll see RESULTS in your life A LOT FASTER if you allow yourself HELP with the rest.  
Remember this today and remember that 90Days2Life is always here for you, NO MATTER WHAT!

Love all that is YOU,



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